Laser model making

Quickly and easily produce realistic, precision-cut scale models in-house.
Scribe or cut mat board, acrylic and other plastics, wood, paper and most non-metals crisply and cleanly.

Many Model making firms and schools use our laser systems to create precise scale models that accurately represent topography, elevation and space.

Our laser systems can make your models more realistic because laser systems can process materials traditional methods cannot. With a laser system, the doors in your model can be made of real wood. It’s as simple as creating a CAD drawing, processing the artwork with the laser system and assembling the finished architectural model. Client proposals and presentations take on a new look with laser processing.



3d engraving laser3d engraving laser 3d engraving laser machine 3d engraving laser machine


Also we can add dimension and texture by laser engraving and surface scribing materials. Achieve even tighter tolerances with the addition of laser's.


Hitec recommends for Model making :

3d engraving laser machine

Small and medium Universal CO2 systems

Large format CO2 laser cutting machines