What the Customer said About Hitec Solution ..

1 . Our relationship more than just a supplier of laser machines are close to us always give the best service we have seen from all our suppliers .. (Zenko Graf promotion - Samir El Bakry)

2 . What I liked most in the company Hitech is keen to do everything in their power to reach the best solutions to meet our needs .. (Hassan Trabicy - Syria)

3 . I did not see a company in Egypt, whether in the field of laser or non laser Tkddm after-sales service for the speed and efficiency and is keen to provide spare parts such as company Hitech.. (Mohammad Wajih - Laser IGY )

4 . On a good show as pre-sales and better service after sales and competitive prices and in constant contact with the client and everything is new ..(Badr Kassem - - Kuwait)

5 . Hitech Company are not comparable to any of the companies other existing high-performance and very distinct, especially in the after-sales service, especially that they have the best machine of machines, high-performance and accurate Company .. (Summit - Hajj / Idris)

6 . We are very honored to deal with the company Hitech where the company of the most efficient companies that we deal with it and the expeditious Nhkurlhm in all the problems we faced .. (Alrhunjy - Syria)

7 . We thank you for the expeditious handling excellence and very goo.. (Crystal Asfour)

8 . What impressed us and were very impressed in this company was not evil in the other the speed of a Cat Alttalpip distinguished in the service of technical support .. (Jacob Dilefon)

9 .Trust and mutual respect is the most important characteristic of our relationship with the company Hitech.. (Sameh Taha-Saudi signs)


10. Universal Lasers have served us reliably in Australia for over a decade and with   the support of AMS we continue to use these lasers in our Middle East offices in Dubai and Riyadh. The ongoing support we receive from AMS is a vital part in our business success. (Model craft Matthew Roche CEO)

11. With Hitec, we have a deep relationship since we share same values: honesty and modesty in our doing, caring about our customers and keeping in mind the development of the business. We are proud of having a long and always friendly relationship with Hitec Solutions.                                                           

12. -The American  University of Sharjah has been dealing with Hitec/AMS for about three years and has found the relationship to be a productive one. Hitec/AMS is professional, courteous,   and  very  attentive to our needs .  They have provided excellent, expediate service on our existing machines and for the sales of any new machines.

They have been a valuable asset to our growth.
                                                                           ( Kevin Sweet – American university in Sharjah)