Fiber laser marking machines


laser marking machine

Galvo Fiber laser marking system


Revolutionary solution for permanent coding on packaging foils, various plastic / metal products and

packages which is offering Vector-quality code in stationary and “On the Fly” marking and  coding.

System is capable of coding of alphanumerical texts / dates / timers, serial numbers, barcodes,

2D codes and graphics on wide variety of materials.


- No consumable items, average laser life time 100,000 working hours. Reduced annual maintenance costs.
- Laser power 10, 20 and 30W (fiber laser pulsed)
- Air cooling (IP52)
- Static and “On the Fly” marking
- F-theta lens with 70x70mm, 100x100mm, 150x150mm 
- User interface and Remote data communication already known from e-SolarMark.

Download e-SolarMark

e-Mark DL


-Most inexpensive laser system for permanent marking/coding on plastics and metals, for low and medium production efficiency
-Vector quality codes for stationary and “On-the-Fly “ operation

-All type marks like alphanumerical texts/dates/timers, serial numbers, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics

-Easy integration with production lines due to multiple I/O signals

-Simple local and remote control via USB, network and WIFI module

-Support of local operation on external PC, with Sol Mark ll laser control program

-Hand held control panel, with user-friendly touch screen interface, available optionally 

Download e-Mark DL

Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform™


The PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform uses multiple laser wavelengths to process the broadest possible spectrum of materials. The PLS6MW is built on Universal's patented Rapid Reconfiguration technology, so changing laser wavelength is as easy as changing the laser source and requires no tools, optics changes or software reconfiguration. This cost-effective, small-footprint, total material processing solution is ideal for fast-paced R&D and production environments and is only available from Universal Laser Systems.

Materials: Most metals, some plastics. When configured with a 1.06 micron pre-aligned interchangeable fiber laser, the PLS6MW can mark most metals and some plastics.

Download PLS6MW platform