Small and medium Universal CO2 systems

laser engraving

Our small and medium user friendly laser cutting , laser engraving , laser marking and laser etching systems are designed and built with market versatility in mind, using our VLS, PLS and ILS laser equipment with working areas from 30 X 40 Cm up to 60 X 120 cm can fit your work and budget. The availability of CO2 sealed off air cooled laser tubes with laser power from 25W up to 150W will fit your needs and most common applications.

Marking Machine Marking Machine laser engraving laser engraving laser engraving Marking Machine


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laser Marking Machine The ILS12.75 is our largest and most versatile platform. Engineered specifically for manufacturing environments, it can handle applications ranging from prototyping to automated manufacturing.
laser Marking Machine The ILS9.75 platform is designed for laser material processing in a wide variety of production environments.
laser Marking Machine The PLS6MW is a Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform™ designed for processing of both organic and inorganic materials. The PLS6MW is engineered to accept three different wavelength laser sources (1.06 µm - Fiber), (10.6 µm - CO2) and (9.3 µm - CO2). Based on our patented Rapid Reconfiguration™ technology all three laser sources and optics are interchangeable without tools.
with super speed
The PLS6.150D SuperSpeed™ platform is designed and engineered for applications requiring high speed and maximum power flexibility. The PLS6.150D comes standard with SuperSpeed™ and Dual Laser Configuration.
The PLS6.150D is the same size as the PLS6.75, but features Dual Laser Configuration for increased laser power when you need it.
laser Marking Machine The PLS6.75 is a free-standing platform designed and engineered for light manufacturing operations and batch production.
The PLS4.75 is a free-standing single laser platform designed for multiple-material processing applications and small scale production.
The VLS6.60 is a free standing platform offering a field size capable of processing larger materials.
The VLS4.60 is a free-standing platform offering a spacious work area and the ability to quickly adjust laser power with our patented Rapid Reconfiguration™.
The VLS3.60 is a free-standing platform designed to be the ideal entry point into light-duty manufacturing.
The desktop VLS3.50 is small enough to fit on a work surface yet powerful enough to meet the requirements of on-demand production.
The desktop VLS2.30 is a compact and economical platform designed to be an entry level laser machine for starting your laser material processing business.